The Masked Hatter
Pandemic Style on the Upper West Side
Elizabeth Sobieski
152 Pages, Soft cover
9" x 6"

In NYC, during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Elizabeth Sobieski transforms her time in isolation into a  triumphant expression of style, grace, and play while promoting the fashionable use of masks to save lives.

The book is a diary with posts of selfies accompanied by insightful commentary on the pandemic, and descriptions of the fashionable and quirky attire of The Masked Hatter.

"Creativity taken to the max! Congratulation and thanks for bringing a smile to an aching heart.  God bless."


"So brilliantly innovative and fun at a time when we all need a chuckle. Thank you Elizabeth Sobieski"


"Count on a New Yorker to turn a miserable, frightening year into a creative sartorial display."


"You brightened up my day. For a few moments I was able to forget about the gravity of this whole situation. And you look fabulous!" 


"You’re a woman after my own heart- a hat collector as well, with a few fancy masks too!"