Elizabeth Sobieski

When I finally emerged from nearly two months of complete isolation in May of 2020, I felt anonymous, hidden behind various face coverings and glasses, and shielded by elaborate hats from my collection.  I was intrigued by my own invisibility.  I decided to bedeck and photograph this mysterious person, this alter ego, this perhaps not-so-secret identity.  I soon became The Masked Hatter of The Upper West Side, encouraging others to “Wear a mask!”


Along with her not-so-secret identity as The Masked Hatter of Instagram, Elizabeth Sobieski is a freelance writer focusing on the arts. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania before embarking on a career writing for such publications as New York, Cosmopolitan, The New York Post, and Avenue. She was a Contributing Editor for The Art Economist Magazine and currently writes articles about contemporary art for The Huffington Post, Medium, and White Hot Magazine, as well as providing catalogue essays for artists who are not The Masked Hatter .